Friday, November 9, 2007

The jewelry of Aishwarya Rai

Born into a traditional south Indian family, Aishwarya started modeling at a young age. Using jewelry and be a fashionable woman.

Just raise your finger and you can sense it. It’s cool, in fact it’s icy. It’s sensuous and it’s stylish. Every October the country comes down with diamond Right Hand Ring fever. Open up a magazine and there you’ll see it, the question of the month ‘Are you a diamond right hand ring woman?’ Glamour asked the question in this month’s issue that celebrates the best of woman power. After all, a diamond Right Hand Ring honors all that is great about women; individuality, strength, determination, beauty
and the ultimate female talent, - multi-tasking.

This month, is giving away diamond Right Hand Rings at The only task you’ll have to do to win one, is fall in love with a diamond ring. We know you have enough on your plate - so sitting back and falling in love is all that we’re asking.

Once though you have your ring, the choices start. Which is the ‘right’ Right Hand Ring finger? What you probably didn’t know is that according to the rules of palmistry, whichever finger you choose represents more than you probably realize.

Traditionally palmists say that your potential at birth is revealed in the left hand, while the right hand represents your adult self, and shows what you have done with your innate abilities and character traits.

If you veer to wearing a ring on the Forefinger of your right hand then this indicates that you’re probably confident, ambitious and driven.

If you the type of person that never gives up, has a strong inner-discipline and likes the finer things in life then the Middle Finger is likely the one you’ll raise.

Finally, there’s no coincidence why so many celebrities wear their diamond Right Hand Rings on the Ring Finger. This finger represents emotional expression and creativity.

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Rachel said...

This is very interesting... tx for the info... hmm... will have to look into my ring collection to see which ones i use more regularly..